Success Stories

Learn how do these mothers and women achieve their success through partnering with us.

  • Pamela Tham – sucess stories of women business opportunityKnowing Chantel is my best gift. I have learnt so much from her.  Chantel is a young but very talented leader.  She has outstanding communication skills and great time management capability.  Her training sessions are always packed with business people who are so eager to learn from her. With her previous working experience in the corporate world, I saw a true and capable leader in this business, who is there to help everyone in the business to grow. She is always there to provide great advices and positive feedback to anyone who approaches her.   Chantel’s achievement in her company is my biggest motivation to work hard and stay positive whenever I faced any challenges. Pamela Tham
  • Ellen Tan - sucess stories of women business opportunityChantel is my good friend since college. She always shares good opportunities with me and of course in how to launch my own business too. I did not want to take this business seriously as I was skeptical and worried about running my own. However, 5 years had passed, Chantel had done so well in the business, whereas I am still catching up.  There is a big gap in term of our earnings and time. Now, she earns a lot more than me but she has more than than me too. Ellen Tan, Achiever
  • Peggy Yeoh - sucess stories of women business opportunityChantel inspires me a lot in term of juggling between career and taking good care of our family. She teaches us how to achieve what we want in our life and most importantly balance in every aspects of life. She will guide us how to achieve great result in our own business and also how to motivate our team and even our children. She is our true leader. I am so glad that she is with us. Peggy Yeoh, Successful business owner
  • sucess stories of women business opportunityChantel is so patience to teach us and guide us especially to us who have children." Through Chantel's guidance, Jazye Tee has learned about taking care of her family and children while achieving success through her business. Jazye Tee, Business owner